Women Who Wine

Women Who Wine

Pubished in Arizona Vines & Wines Magazine

Nan, Mary, Ana, Karen, Marty and Linda. These are just a few of the women who gather on the third Wednesday evening of every month for ‘Women Who Wine’, a Tubac tradition that goes back to 2008. Young and gracefully mature, wealthy and gracefully not, representing most of the fifty states and several countries, they convene to discuss issues weighty and frivolous and to drink good wine, everyone an equal and everyone with an opinion!

Wine, of course, plays an important role. Indeed a bottle and a glass are your ticket in the door. Reflecting the melange, there are haut medoc bordeaux, big California cabs, malbecs, chiantis, a pinot grigio or two and even some Two Buck Chuck. Arizona wines are definitely in evidence, in growing numbers. It is the perfect occasion for aficionados and neophytes alike to taste and explore the wines of the world, to expand horizons a bit. As the horizons expand, the conversation loosens, the gestures become animated and the laughter begins in earnest. In one corner is inspiration, another encouragement, still another congratulations and in a fourth perhaps, consolation. All leave inspired.

An elementary school teacher relates how she so looks forward to these, as she always hears something new, something that resonates in her life and leaves her with a new bounce in her step. Artists, authors and local business owners attend as well, as networking never sleeps and the ambiance is graciously conducive to developing relationships.

Ana Thompson, owner of the very cool Botanical Arts Gallery in Tubac, Florabundance, is a regular attendee, a regular ‘Woman Who Winer’ if you will. An accomplished floral designer and artist from Portland, OR, Ana represents the next generation in Tubac, falling in love with the village, opening a business and making it all work. And discovering that something as elemental as a glass of wine with friends can open doors, silence demons, inspire ideas and set the tone for another great day. The event inspired her to add wine related items to her store. So far they have been a big hit.

Spirited competition surrounds the event’s location, one month at an expansive private hacienda, the next at a business in the middle of the village. Most recently held at Beads of Tubac, the wonderful knitting and crafts store on the plaza, the October, 2012 edition was a big hit, with perfect weather, the usual great wine and of course, great conversation. Over 60 ladies attended. That is 60 interesting women in a village of 1900 population, all drinking wine! Amazingly the event has drawn over 100 on a number of occasions. It is simply the place to be on that special Wednesday night.

Women Who Wine is open to every woman, from everywhere. I would recommend nailing down the bottle you want to bring…nothing extravagant, but something intriguing. A wine from some unknown corner of the world perhaps, or from just an hour away in Sonoita. The tempranillos are excellent. Oh, and mark your calendar.

For more information about Women Who Wine email atleighmorrison@verizon.net.

 Written by: Armor Todd